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Just a note of appreciation for the awesome job you did on the new roof installation at our home. Your staff was wonderful … they were a great group of guys who not only worked hard, but were also very meticulous with all the aspects of the job. It is rare in this day and age to find people that “own” their work and exceed your expectations, but that was clearly the case. Please pass along our thanks to all involved and best wishes for continued success.   Read More

Craig Immel

We finally found ourselves in a position where we are able to express our gratitude for all you have done for us. As you know we have had a few issues that have taken much of our time and energy, but finally have the chance to thank you for the amazing renovation that has taken place to our home. We are so pleased with the work you have done to our home. It truly looks like a different place and often we will have friends drive by our home not even recognizing it when they see it, because it looks like a new home. We are so pleased with the results. Our home needed a restoration badly. We had done nothing to it in the 30 plus years we have lived here other than paint so it was in a very sad state when you and your crew began. The new siding, lights, soffit, garage door, gutters and down spouts have added so much value and beauty to our home. I feel as if we have made new friends in you and your crew in the process. Anything that needed to be done, you were more than willing to do for us regardless of how small it seemed. You came back on a number of occasions to take care of things that we had not considered earlier. I am amazed by the consideration and effort you gave at every step of this process keeping the door open for anything that might need to be taken care of in the future. You are truly a “man of your word”. Your honesty and compassion are rare in the business world today because it means establishing a relationship with your clients and that takes time and effort, but that’s exactly what you do. You stand by your work, your name and your character. Thank you for making us one of your most pleased customers. We are so proud of what you have done to make our home so beautiful again. Thank you for a job well done.   Read More

Janet and Robert Bier

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Pence Brothers this summer. We needed to have our roof and siding replaced after a storm the previous year. From day one, they were completely professional and always willing to help. Their team was amazing: fast yet detailed, and extremely courteous. You could tell they cared about their work and making sure we were happy. Jon Pence is very nice and knowledgeable, and would always get back to us in timely fashion. We are very happy with their work and think our house looks fabulous! I haven’t once regretted our choice to use them, and would certainly call them again in the future. Thanks!   Read More

Corie & Peter Walker

Pence Brothers Siding Inc. I contacted Jon Pence after ten months of trying to get a contractor to repair the storm damage to my home (gutter and siding). I am not sure how to begin to thank Jon, Jeremy, Bob and the whole team at Pence Brothers Siding for everything they did. After months and months of back and forth with other contractors and with my insurance company, Jon was finally able to get things moving to repair my house after two separate storms…one at the end of December and another near the end of April. I have owned a home for more than 30 years, and I have never had to file an insurance claim. I was shocked to be hit with storm damage twice in one year. I was unsure what to do or what was involved to get the repair work done. I wish that I could have found Pence Bros. Siding Inc. sooner to avoid the months and months of frustration that I endured. I was impressed from the first moment Jon came to my house. Jon was the only person who REALLY looked at the siding on my house and identified the type of siding. He was the only one to tell me that the job could not be completed in pieces as other contractors (and the insurance company) suggested. I had questioned the insurance company and other contractors, and I did not feel like anyone was listening to my concerns or checking into what I was saying. Everyone who came to my house took measurements, wrote up estimates and left. I was having a difficult time getting answers until Jon came to the house. Jon knew what he was talking about, and he wasted no time working with the insurance company to make them understand what needed to be done to have the job done right. Jon truly listened to all of my concerns. After discussing some other concerns with Jon, he brought in other contractors to address the areas of concern. After meeting with the team and having further discussions with Jon, the work grew to include insulation, electric repair, a new roof with proper ventilation, and a porch roof to shelter the front entrance. The additions were a direct result of my concerns. Jon wasn’t pushy and gave me options. He had great suggestions and ideas to make my house look wonderful. He was incredibly patient with all of my questions and was professional in handling everything. He worked with the insurance company and their adjuster to make sure that the repair work was done right. He coordinated all of the work that needed to be done in an efficient manner which enabled the work to be completed in a short amount of time. Everyone on the Pence Brothers crew is equally professional, hard-working, helpful, and so efficient. I truly appreciate all of the hard work of the remarkable crew of Pence Brother Siding Inc. Each person had a job to do and each job was neatly coordinated with all of the other crew members….like a fine-tuned machine. The crews arrived on the days/times promised, and they worked tirelessly until the job was done. I have received many compliments from friends, family and people in the neighborhood. Anyone who witnessed the work being done described the crew the exact same way, “They looked like a bunch of worker ants.” The crew did an amazing job and they were meticulous in cleaning up. My house looks like a brand new house. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything. THANK YOU Pence Brothers!!!   Read More!

Virginia Wright

I feel compelled to write a quick note to express my profound amazement at the excellent customer service I received from you today! I called you in the early afternoon concerning a piece of fascia and a section of soffit that had been ripped off during the violent rainstorm yesterday. Knowing that this is your busy season, I did not expect a quick response but you said you would have someone over to make the repair within the hour. Sure enough, one of your guys arrived about forty-five minutes later and made the repair in less than ten minutes! Your company did such an excellent job on the complete siding installation on my home after all the hail damage a few years ago, I should not have been surprised at your outstanding customer service. That is a very scarce commodity nowadays. I have recommended you to some friends and acquaintances and will continue to do so in the future. You are a true gentleman!   Read More

Chuck Conring

We are writing to let you know what a wonderful job Jon and Jeremy Pence and their crew did for us. On April 16th, 3 gigantic wild cherry trees, from our neighbors yard, fell on our house, damaging our house and garage roofs, siding, gutters and down spouts and our chain link fence. Another neighbor gave us a business card from Job from a previous job. We called Jon and he came when the insurance man was here. Jon negotiated to get us the maximum coverage for our loss. Jon, Jeremy and their crew did a very professional and thorough job. They listened and cared how we wanted certain things to be fixed and done. We were very pleased with their work and we will recommend them to everyone. Thank you for everything and have a great day.   Read More

Ned and Jenny Cabonor

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with my “new” house! What started out as a call for replacement guttering and downspouts after the Bay Village hail storm in May of 2010 turned into a completely new house for me! You and your crew were so anxious to get started on the work that you arrived early on the scheduled day and you patiently waited for me to come out and say “Good Morning” and move my car to give you access to the garage and driveway. Your crew went to work immediately tearing off the old siding and the deteriorated original insulation. They took great care with the phone and cable lines, the power lines, the AC line, etc. through the entire replacement process. And I must tell you that the new insulation is wonderful! I already feel a difference in certain parts of the house with no cold breezes blowing through! I was constantly amazed with the progress your crew made. There was so much old material to tear off, so much new material to measure, install and frame out (not to mention the continuous cleanup), that I thought you guys would at least take a few breaks during the day. But you never did. You kept the work going and the entire siding job was done in one day. (And, by the way, I now have my milk chute back!) Guttering and downspouts were all you guys needed to get done on the second day. So what we are used to seeing around Bay as a week long job took 1 1/2 days! Oh my word! My next door neighbor came over and commented on the quality of the work and on the efficiency of your company. He mentioned that a friend of his was having difficulty getting a siding company to come out and do some work for him, and that he was definitely going to pass along your name to his friend. Referrals are great! Again, Jon and Jeremy, I am so pleased with the professional attitude and workmanship of your entire crew and the time it took to complete the job, that I’m telling everyone I know about Pence Bros.! Keep up the good work, guys!   Read More

Paula A

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the new siding on our home. As you know, I had concerns about issues that were rather unique to our exterior, especially how the siding would look on a 2 1/2 story wall with original overlapping vertical wood siding that was over 30 years old and in pretty sorry shape. You had the solution to that problem, as well as the others, and the house looks wonderful. Your crew was efficient, professional, and courteous, and the work was completed in one day! Thanks again for a job well done!   Read More

Keith Tarbett

I contacted Jon Pence of Pence Bros. Siding Inc. regarding the hail and wind storm damage our house had sustained in the fall of 2008. From the moment we began working with Jon, he was very professional. He worked with my insurance company and assisted us in receiving the most we could with our claim. We needed a new roof, siding and windows. Jon gave us several choices of top brand products to use with our home. In the end, my family and I were amazed at how courteous and efficient the workers were when they transformed our house in less than a week. Our home looks absolutely fantastic and we owe it all to Jon and Jeremy Pence of Pence Bros. Siding Inc. We love the look of our NEW HOUSE! Thank you Pence Brothers!   Read More

Tom Ryan

I just wanted to tell you how much I have thoroughly enjoyed doing business with your company over these past years. I have found your crew to be neat and dependable. They conduct themselves in a workmanlike manner at all times as well as being extremely polite to the customers. I would highly recommend your company to anyone needing siding or windows. I can assure you that they will not be disappointed should they choose your for their next job! Thank you for the professionalism that you have shown and I look forward to doing business with you again soon.   Read More

Pouliot Construction

I would like to thank you for all that you did for my parent’s home. it looks fantastic. You and your team had done my home a few years ago and you and your men came in and sided my home in one day, it was wonderful. My home looks great and I knew when my parent’s home needed to be sided after a chimney fire, I could call you and every worry I had would disappear. I knew you would do the job right. See my parent’s home is a very old farm house and needed to be sided. I knew it would be a difficult job to say the least. John came out and went over the whole job with me step by step. He took the time to listen to us and what we wanted. It was a very very difficult job, but the Pence Brothers really came through. The house looks great, you would never know that the house was an old farm house. I would not have trusted anyone else to do my parent’s home, the Pence Bros are the best!!!!   Read More

Martha Ross

Luxury Homes LLC is a custom home builder. The price range of homes are from $550,000 to $750,000. The one area of our building program we felt that needed help was installation of our siding. We had gone through 3 different contractors and none of them met our standards. I called Larry Lowther of C. C Supply who is our outside salesman. I told Larry of our problem and asked if he could recommend a “good” siding company. Larry knew they type of homes we build, he also knew that I was going to need my own home sided. Larry arranged a meeting with John Pence. After a lengthy conversation I became impressed with John’s business approach and his professionalism. I was anxious to see his work. After viewing the home he took us to see I asked if all his work looked like this home. He assured me all his work looked the same. I gave John the ok to side my home. Much to my amazement the Pence Bros Crew sided my home in one day, including a great job of cleaning my yard. The job was impeccable. The Pence Bros has been doing our siding ever since. Not only is the workmanship outstanding, but the attitude of their workers is refreshing. I can ask them to do something extra and the answer is always the same, “No Problem”. As a builder, it is unbelievable that they can finish a home in one day. That is a savings of 14 to 21 days towards the completion of a home. I can schedule our mason a day after I know the date Pence Bros will start the job. I would recommend the Pence Bros to any one who wants a real professional organization. Read More

Luxury Homes LLC

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