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Freeze-thaw, freeze-thaw, expand-contract—that annual cycle between seasonal weather conditions is most often associated with concrete and foundation repair, but that natural climate process can also wreak havoc on the exterior siding of your home in ways that you might not notice, or even think about. Call the top-notch siding contractors in Green, Ohio at Pence Bros.! We provide quality siding installation and repair in Green and throughout northeast Ohio. We know the exterior of your home is susceptible to the extremes Mother Nature hurls at your house, especially living this close to Lake Erie.


Water will often encroach through separations or compromised areas of your siding, and if that water expands when it freezes during the winter, the siding of your home may become separated from the exterior wall. Wood siding, over time, will also begin to rot because of the water intrusion, water retention, and increased exposure to the weather. And believe it or not, vinyl siding is water resistant but is not waterproof. When it comes to the forces of nature, water exerts a ton of pressure, whether it’s flowing during a flood or continually expanding and contracting in the freezing winter months. We have effective solutions to mitigate water problems that affect the exterior of your home. And if you’re ready for new installation or repair on your home, we have a weatherization system that goes on to seal out water before we install the new vinyl siding on your Green home.


You won’t find a better siding contractor in Green, Ohio, than Pence Bros. We’re family owned and operated, and for the past 25 years we’ve made it our business to keep the windows, siding, and the roof of your home intact and in good repair. We also install decks, skylights, and vinyl siding, along with roof repair and renovation. If it’s on the outside of your home, we’re the best team in Summit County to get the job done. We’re dedicated to taking care of our neighbors with superior service and craftsmanship that raises the bar in the home repair industry. We’ll even help you submit an insurance claim for storm damage repair. Contact the crack team at Pence Bros. for your free consultation and estimate today.


Pence Bros. offers the following siding types:


Traditional Clap Board


Dutch Lap


Board and Batten




Shake & Aluminum

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Craig Immel

Just a note of appreciation for the awesome job you did on the new roof installation at our home. Your staff was wonderful … they were a great group of guys who not only worked hard, but were also very meticulous with all the aspects of the job. It is rare in this day and age to find people that “own” their work and exceed your expectations, but that was clearly the case. Please pass along our thanks to all involved and best wishes for continued success. Read More

Keith TarBett

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the new siding on our home. As you know, I had concerns about issues that were rather unique to our exterior, especially how the siding would look on a 2 1/2 story wall with original overlapping vertical wood siding that was over 30 years old and in pretty sorry shape. You had the solution to that problem, as well as the others, and the house looks wonderful. Your crew was efficient, professional, and courteous, and the work was completed in one day! Thanks again for a job well done! Read More

Pouliot Construction

I just wanted to tell you how much I have thoroughly enjoyed doing business with your company over these past years. I have found your crew to be neat and dependable. They conduct themselves in a workmanlike manner at all times as well as being extremely polite to the customers. I would highly recommend your company to anyone needing siding or windows. I can assure you that they will not be disappointed should they choose your for their next job! Thank you for the professionalism that you have shown and I look forward to doing business with you again soon. Read More

Preparing for Your Project

  • Pence Bros. requests that you have any loose wall hangings or breakable items removed from the exterior walls.
  • Driveways should be cleared for truck and trailer access.
  • Cut or remove any unused cables, phone wires or vents.
  • If new light fixtures are to be replacing existing fixtures, please have them available for installation.
  • Most Siding installations are completed in two days.
  • Siding crews usually consist of 6-10 experienced
  • Craftsmen and groundsmen that typically arrive between 7-8:00am.
  • A portable restroom will be placed at the job site for the convenience of both our clients and crew.
  • Pence Bros. will place a dumpster trailer at the site. These dump trailers are on wheels so not to damage the driveway.

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